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LAMBDA: Language Markers and Brain Dysfunction in Early Psychosis

We delve into the fascinating link between language and mental life. Discover how language function is emerging as a promising bio-social marker for mental state changes, particularly in psychosis. This is a unique collaboration between biological psychiatry, linguistics, and cognitive neuroscience that identifies linguistic signals of psychosis and their connection to brain dysfunction using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Our research initiative involves collaboration that combines the expertise of these three fields. By joining forces, we aim to identify linguistic signals within language that could serve as indicators of psychosis. Moreover, we seek to establish meaningful connections between these linguistic markers and the underlying brain dysfunction associated with this condition. To achieve this, we employ the power of fMRI to reveal the intricate relationship between language and the brain. This groundbreaking research sets the stage for transformative advancements in clinical psychiatry and our understanding of the mechanisms of language in the brain, as well as the role of language in psychotic thought.